The Day Before

From the collection published in 2021, And Don’t Come Back.

The Day Before

You sit here at this table
a cup of tea a sloppy sip
Your hand shakes
a stain onto your blouse
it spreads and fades
the edges blurring
along the white linen weave.
You almost a year a soul
looking over her shoulder
invisible in this city
that divides all your thinking
taking half and even then
leaving you full up on anxiety.
You sip again. Your hand shakes.


5 thoughts on “The Day Before

    • I’ve noticed shaking hands in different situations, and usually when the person is trying to hold things together, this is the only sign they let slip, and always I have felt what a lot of emotion is being conveyed and feeling that since the person wants to conceal it, I can’t offer help or sympathy (especially since these memories are of total strangers, I don’t imagine they would welcome my intervention). But the image has stayed with me.

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