Snippets 299, 300, 301

From the collection The immediate and No Sooner, 2021. These poems were written 4/17/20.

couldn’t help noticing
such picturesque
empty blue eyes.

the book. paragraphs.
printed word.
You asked a question
a stack of books spoke

concentrate on them
The word souvenirs sent
from a safe place

2 thoughts on “Snippets 299, 300, 301

  1. #299 sounds just like a girl son#1 dated. I wanted so badly to ask, “Anybody home?” But I restrained myself. That relationship didn’t last – he determined that she was too dumb and he wanted a girl who could carry on an intelligent conversation! (I was relieved!)

    • I find it interesting how we seek out the eyes in trying to make assessments of a person – there are so many metaphors and similes and so on for eyes – such as
      “windows into the soul”.I find this interesting as I have had bad vision all my life and so I am very protective of my eyes, grateful that they can still see, and so I pay attention to other people’s eyes too – which leads to plenty of observations such as what you mention!

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