A few new: Snippets 397, 399, 400, 401

I spent some time in peaceful contemplation of tiny scraps of words cut from old discarded books. And here are a few of the tiny poems I came up with, plus their images.

What am I talking about? Yes, it’s Snippets again.

The things
banging on the front door
Oh Yes I’ve got enemies

I liked
a little silver bracelet
just enough to pocket it

We bought the cottage
The place was economical
desolate and shadowy
our drearily hostile home

to fabricate the surprise
to cut away its raw edges
To keep it in confidence
too impossible

6 thoughts on “A few new: Snippets 397, 399, 400, 401

    • I think snippets run in streaks when they are made in the same session, as these were. I find that interesting because they all start with just a random pile of but phrases or what I find on pages I have beforehand torn from books. I don’t look for the words but try to let them come forward as they do. But I guess the subconscious guides the process? No matter what, it is always illuminating. Anyway, sometimes I have thought of getting out my collection of snippets and pulling cards at random to see if they make anything interesting. You remind me of this idea…hmmm…

    • Thank you. Usually snippets get 2 lines very easily and then the 3rd, or sometimes there is a 4th, takes time because it has to round out the picture already in process. Sometimes it does so in a way I did not imagine but the words stepped forward, as in this one.

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