Snippets 293, 294, 295

From the book The Immediate and No Sooner, 2021. These poems were written 4/17/20.

The footsteps outside the window
the faint sharp laughter
like a disturbed secret

Maybe You recognize him.
one arm two teeth body nose
Once a man – now
A pile of clothes on the floor

a mournful spirit
eclipsed by morning
with the good sense to slip away

5 thoughts on “Snippets 293, 294, 295

    • Yes, these were made in a group and now I wonder what I was thinking…the Snippets always reflect what is in my mind, I think. But am not consciously thinking about.

    • Thank you. I put the first two lines together and I think it was because of the morning and mourning, and then I realized it made sense to me! and went on from there. I love it when words make a little bit of their own magic.

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