Snippets 290, 291, 292

These poems were written 4/17/20 and appear in the collection The Immediate and No Sooner, 2021.

nights steal
most of the strength I need
a little at A time

The book
looked up
don’t you blame me

have they just realized
love at first sight
it’s probably sudden trouble

4 thoughts on “Snippets 290, 291, 292

  1. I think both of these snippets are fabulous. The first one makes me think about the source of conflict between the book and the reader: could it be a book that has bored the reader and the book is demanding attention? And I love the idea that the rush of feelings that must form part of the “love at first sight” phenomenon might be crowding out red flags that should be heeded if one wants to avoid future troubles.

    • Thank you. Sometimes I think the snippets control themselves and fall into place on their own. This group is an example. I think the book, like all books, is a world, and some are just more…assertive…than others??!!

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