From the collection And Don’t Come Back, 2021.


a quiet sugar and cream
kind of day
the bite the bitter taken out of it
when I’m not that tired of anything
enough to worry at it
and then you wander in
for a visit with no idea of
when it’s my pleasure or convenient
two minutes past when I’ve opened a book
I’m very glad I know how to say
in such a way that
the muscles in your butt and legs
running you down the drive
take you out of my sight
respectfully and efficiently


6 thoughts on “Out

    • More and more as I get older, I’m not as interested in accommodating others at their own sole choice. No, and Out, No chance, and Forget it, are really good phrases and words for my time of life now!

  1. As an introvert, I identify strongly with the narrator of this poem. As someone who lives with a bunch of other people and is rarely alone at home, I also identify with the frustration of plans for quiet time being disturbed.

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