Sure Enough for Me

From And Don’t Come Back, 2021.

Sure Enough for Me

Quick as you can say it
out of the water
and from the air

once it was clear the lightning
bold and getting bolder
punching holes in its blue storm cloud
It was no feint but
looking for a knockout
getting serious about things all right

the swimmers vacate the pool
at a right smart pace


5 thoughts on “Sure Enough for Me

  1. As well they should. Two swimmers were killed by lightning on the beach here last year after they refused the warnings to leave.

    • As a former lifeguard (and no matter how long ago it was, once a lifeguard, you are always in that mindset) I am sensitive to thunder even now (because thunder=lightning). I have memories of the merest rumble and how quick we were to blow the whistle and get everyone out of the water – and people did hurry out of the water all right!

  2. I have only experienced this once in my life and I don’t think I have ever moved faster in a swimsuit. I really love that punching metaphor. Perfect.

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