Little Vines 4/5/22

This week’s assortment!

That recurring nightmare?
I make it happen.
My methods remain my own. Please no questions.

You promised me
The financial consultant would vaccinate us
against an infection of Angry Creditors

a computer translating pencil marks
ancient pictographs! it thought, what a discovery!
But no, it was just a first-grader’s handwriting

yeah it’s me
along with my six million problems.
Generosity is what holds society together.
I think it’s my duty to share.

I attend an evening soiree
full of faces I’ve known for years –
another PTA meeting in the school cafeteria

acres of psychedelic pink cardboard roses
fizz and nose-tickle scent
I sneezed. The vampire turned his head.

Good morning Mr. Stevens
I said to my granddaughter’s paper doll
a stout man wearing glasses and a Hawaiian shirt
lounging against my kitchen counter

so it’s come to this
here we are hiding in the silverware drawer. Quick,
someone’s coming. Throw me the pickle fork. En garde!

There is no such necklace
not now not at seven o’clock not ever.
I tell you, I bought you a bathrobe for your birthday.
That’s it.

watching as the extremely competent Dr. Cluck
stapled and repaired our stubborn Grandma
the Angel of Death realized
he’d be driving home an empty bus this time

according to your father,
a fashion plate of the 1970’s if there ever was one
a baby blue tux flatters just about anyone

the guy
taking in the odors of dinner at the BBQ shack –
how I wish that were me right now

I fell asleep
the fluctuations and the forgetting
embedded in my dreams

the shy zipper
crouched down
behind the pillow piping

she swims three miles upriver
holding the pizza box in her teeth
and you forget to tip her?
Get your suit on. You can still catch her.

The dinosaur made short work of your grandmother
or so he thought
Now he’s headed for the dentist
and she’s wearing his teeth around her neck

a pitter a platter
a whole lot of splatter
the cat trips Mom bringing in the dish of spaghetti

2 thoughts on “Little Vines 4/5/22

    • Yes, that cat tripping one, various versions of that have happened over the years with us and with a whole array of our cats. They do know how to get underfoot!

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