A few new: Tanka 295; From the Back Row I Saw

Here are a couple of new poems.

Tanka 295

In the short-sale house
underwater with neglect
stale debt and divorce
Empty but for one item:
Wedding dress. Worn only once.



From the Back Row I Saw

The mourners at the cemetery.
The black uniform of funeral-going.
Suit. Tie. Dress.
Shiny shoes.
Good socks.
Nice handbag.
Except for

A man
This man
and his skull logo T-shirt.

I can’t help but admit that
it fits the occasion.
Also –
beautiful job of ironing.


6 thoughts on “A few new: Tanka 295; From the Back Row I Saw

  1. There are no longer any dress codes. Even in my daughter’s law firm office, you’re now allowed to wear jeans if not meeting with clients. (K)

    • I think of the days when I struggled to afford nice suits and shoes for my job in banking and I am not sorry, really. I had to buy things one at a time and pay them off, and because I had so few outfits I had to mix and match and that really got old. So…I’m all for easier dressing. If it’s clean and in good shape…

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