Covert Flirt Not With Me

From And Don’t Come Back, the collection published in 2021.

Covert Flirt Not With Me

you red-haired woman in a pink striped dress
too interested in beer. How can you
lip-curl sneer into my sunglasses
admire your reflected self
and the can of brew you lift to your mouth
and think I don’t see?


12 thoughts on “Covert Flirt Not With Me

    • I love it! Now I reply:
      You were thinking beer / Me? A great big root beer float / Vanilla ice cream and tickle-nose fizz. My brew! / Grab a straw. I’ll share with you.

      • your treat is too sweet
        drink and float on feet
        a tweet from White House straw
        hollow inside and full of flaw

        Thanks Claudia for sharing.

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