It’s a Le Chapeau All Right

From And Don’t Come Back, the collection published in 2021.

It’s a Le Chapeau All Right

Her big hat hovers
blotting out the sun
in the little summer
afternoon hot time
we have right now
I couldn’t say how many
fuchsia flower shapes
congregate on the brim
never mind the lime squiggles
circled round her head
Look at it.
Anything more modern than that hat
deflates. Cannot compete. I don’t know
how you would even find a hat like that now
and why bother when
This one exists.
It makes me confused
to look at it. I respect it.
I fear it. I want it.


4 thoughts on “It’s a Le Chapeau All Right

  1. Some people can really pull off hats and make them look sophisticated and elegant. I feel like in past decades everyone suited hats. My head has always been too large for most women’s hats so I have spent most of my life having to wear hats designed for men. I used to wear hats a lot in my teens and early 20s but – since then – I have only really worn them for practical reasons and not a one of them is aesthetically pleasing.

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