Snippets 361, 362, 363

From the collection published in 2022, Writing Notebook 2021.

These poems are from 4/7/21.

last night
the keys
your house.

the delicate excitement
the sparkling fascination.
the suddenly splendid astonishment

perhaps it was the smell of
too grateful
haunting me

4 thoughts on “Snippets 361, 362, 363

  1. Oooh. That last poem has really strong sparks. Is the narrator haunted by the needy yearning of another and their response to that? Or are they haunted by their own presentation as desperate for the approval of others?

    • I like the ambiguity of this (when the pieces appeared in front of me I had the same questions you do). Grateful is good, too grateful is repelling. Wherever it is directed or comes from, I think.

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