Little Vines 3/28/22

Here are new Little Vines.

playing golf
cursing the ball checking the time dissing the course
meanwhile, Spring arrives

I submit my request in writing at the desk
The attendant takes it to his boss
Window-rattling guffaws from the inner office.
Guess it’s a decline.

I marvel at all that commotion below the surface
even the gentle shadows of the goldfish
twist and bite and snarl

I’m praying, please let me win this argument
I am so tired of always being awarded
the silver medal

this pencil has been scribbling five hours straight
all too aware what every sharpening break
really means

This big-ticket lapis lazuli necklace
and my first thought is:
is it a gift or a loan

She sees me, I know.
Hostility blooms behind those big sunglasses.
Persona non grata. No one ever lets me forget.

the princess dreaming in her cocoon
What will she remember
when she emerges and flies away?

this timid rabbit preying
meekly, always meekly
even the carrots are more aggressive than he is

I hope I’m not interrupting you,
cherry blossom petals,
as you decide when to drift to the ground

I know
I should be annoyed with you
it would toughen me up for the next time

I stumble along in the pouring rain
pondering the link between pale and plank
sneezing and looking for the bus stop
when you stop to give me a ride. So it begins.

I ask you if you suspected
A sniff then sobs
and I have my answer

thunderstorm blue rolls rolls
pellet hail it drums drums
down the steep slick roof rattles rattles

two hundred dollars stolen
the page turned
Done, she said, and smirked her thin lips.

Sheila Sheila please
yes George I know
and she poked him again with the tweezers

a no-nonsense doctor
he eliminated objections
he eliminated patients, too

it was yellow it was confidential
Yellow, no big deal, but
he found confidential

this box of ancient photographs
laughing at you in derision
No help with any history revision

a great big snob flap
full of renovate your soul crap –
Yeah, that session she dragged me to last week

How tranquil it is to creep
through all this paperwork
To be guaranteed a soothing tedious afternoon

A plastic bag of scissors
temporarily at rest but yes
They have just been sharpened

100% truthful:
What a recipe
for the most rugged Divorce yet

4 thoughts on “Little Vines 3/28/22

  1. This is a very strong collection. The connecting thread I perceive this time is that many of the poems are about thoughts for the future or waiting for something to happen.

    • Thank you. Yes, I thought the same thing, and I don’t know why, as once again my store of material is kind of random, but, I do feel we are in a place right now, many of us, anticipating…something.

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