Served on This Plate

From the collection And Don’t Come Back, published in 2021.

Served on This Plate

and all at once everything will be
had been

Everything from the theatrics of
how he is telling the endless story
of the mud-slinging years
to the menace of his
keep an eye on her she is trouble.

I wonder what’s on his mind now.
He always has to say something.
There is always
taste, and aftertaste.


2 thoughts on “Served on This Plate

  1. Oh I have definitely met this type of chap at events. Superficially charismatic, a great raconteur, a façade of smooth when they are actually sharp and spiky, cutting remarks sold as wit, someone people are drawn to when they should actually be repelled. The aftertaste is always awful after interacting with these types.

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