The Change That Is Coming

From And Don’t Come Back, published in 2021.

The Change That Is Coming

The door that could be opened wider
and more than wide
for this reason:
Letting in the long change
that was turning out to be good-bye
to the old things.

I come here
Not to ask you Not to tell you
To offer.

Can it happen
Sent out for the finding
to approach the
meanings yet unknown

and that you would go with me
That we would pass through all the doors
we can open together?

What happens when you look in this thin space
out of the water
from in the air

The owl
When you see her
high up in the dead tree
The mowed-down field
filled with the voice of the change
crowding behind
pushing aside
what we have hold of

the door to what is due and coming
Open the door. Pass through
Why it was not
Why not now


5 thoughts on “The Change That Is Coming

    • I don’t adjust well to things changing and never have, I really get attached to situations or things, not so much to people, and moving on is always hard for me. But, I recognize change as a source of energy for me, too – I am restless if confined. It has always made for a seesawing of my feelings and attitudes over my life. I guess this poem is illustrating some of those things.

  1. The word that immediately came to mind when I read this poem was “tremulous” so I had to contemplate why I thought of that word. I think it is because of my attitude to and experience of change. I am someone who finds change anxiety-inducing because I am so attached to my routines and find them comforting but, at the same time, I don’t want to be in too much of a rut and I often embrace big changes. I suppose, therefore, that change is something that makes me tremulous but I still push through it and make the change.

    • I think “tremulous” is a perfect word. It is a word for fearfully but with some determination, doing something, I think. And like you, I have a push-pull with change. I can’t stand still but moving is painful. Sometimes I wonder how this kind of simultaneous situation came about in my head.

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