A few new: Soothe; Inside this space

Here are a couple of recent poems.


Curls twisted up by breezy
It will not be much easy
Your hair to quick unteasy
But you ask so nice pleasy
I get the comb. Knots unfreezy.


Inside this space

Scrupulous about paying bills –
Quite a reputation for it in fact –
The man at the next table
turns his head in a slow sidelong stare
Not impersonal.
He knows you are thinking of skipping out on the check.


2 thoughts on “A few new: Soothe; Inside this space

  1. I enjoyed the playfulness of the first poem. In the second poem, I love that sense of the words capturing a very precise moment in time and one that serves as a fulcrum since we do not know whether the narrator will skip or not.

    • Thank you. There is something nice about having another person comb your hair, I think (as long as they do not yank at the tangles). And I do like those moments when it is uncertain which way things will go…when there are possibilities rather than actualities…

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