Cheerful Giver

From Writing Notebook 2021, published in 2022.

Cheerful Giver

Asked for my help in flex thinking
and my specialized skills in
patient and time-consuming extrications
I write this letter to you

I say Paragraph One Yes
I can free up some time
I am willing to work out a cost-sharing deal
for the wear and tear on my brain cells
to solve this your latest difficulty

Paragraph Two I do request
this time
that you refrain from describing me
to any and all sundry and widespread
as being

only too ready to tell me what to do
just like you always do

because it is
ungracious and hurts my feelings.
I did not say
ungrateful. I said

Paragraph Three I hold no grudges.

Paragraph Four Please don’t hesitate
to let me know if you have any questions
I await your expeditious reply
with the aim of an immediate start to
the process of bailing you out


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