Little Vines 3/17/22

This week’s selection.

Before I decide whether
to take the upgrade or not
a star explodes and decides me.

she always smiled at persons who annoyed her
I guess that is how
she sweet-talked him into a pay cut

It’s not that hard
to wash your hands of this matter
when you shouldn’t have been involved anyway

Abandoned long ago
the dresses on the clothesline
fade and drop to the ground in shreds

A gloved hand gently touches the top of your skull
removes it from the just-opened sarcophogus
You preen. It’s been three thousand years
since you’ve been admired like this.

three gravestones –
We’re close friends now
after all these years together

I hear birds
here in Robot Cove –
Am I dreaming?

First she moves to a new town.
Then I think she weds an integrate plotter –
or was it an ingrate potter? Can anyone recall?

sixty thousand on the ground and counting
ants, I mean
and yes, I am counting. Though maybe I should
be running.

A doctor
quarters a chicken for dinner
thinking of the surgery he did that afternoon

Poison talk late at night –
It sure brings back old times, doesn’t it?
If not all of our old acquaintances. What?
What did you say about this tea?

A sink receives a confidence
sobbed into its soapsuds by a cracked plate.
Broken dreams.

A flight of stairs
focused on doing a thorough job
punishes a knee coming and going

He was married twice
for the last fifty weeks
and did a professional job in both cases

we’ve got to warn Lisa Katia said but
Graham was still listening to Felicia rant about Clay
and Marcia was bragging on her golf game to Len so
I just shrugged and left Lisa to figure it out herself

consider all the strange possibilities, why don’t you –
like with Jill and Jack
and their wild claims about that hill

a new job that started this afternoon
a handbag full of breath mints
just in case

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    • I have to say I don’t know where this one came from, it just popped into my head, and made me laugh too, if that is not saying too much in praise of my own work!

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