Romantically involved?

From the collection published in 2022, Writing Notebook 2021.

Romantically involved?

Several hours from now
when you look out the window
and you see me in the chilly garden
you might bring me out a sweater
or you might not. Either way
several hours from now
I will know.


4 thoughts on “Romantically involved?

  1. Another intriguing poem that suggests so much about a relationship and its possibilities. I am not a fan of such psychological tests that are so passive. Maybe I am a more confrontational person than I care to admit. Or perhaps it is just that I know that my husband, though he loves me deeply, would be totally oblivious to my need for a sweater. Ha ha!

    • Yes, I feel as you do and my husband is the same as yours. So I would never do this kind of test, either, as I am much more direct, or I would just get it for myself! But, this situation came to me as a thought complete and I like the idea of it being sort of the middle of a train of action, with things that happened before and things that happened later, and what were they/what will they be?

  2. Indeed it would shed some light on the relationship dynamic… not necessarily the depth of love but certainly the level of observation!

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