A few new:Haiku 980, Haiku 982, Shadorma 394

Oh dear, last week my computer, suddenly and with total conviction, died. Just flat out quit working and let me know it would never speak again by the fact it also wiped out every file on it. Luckily, I have two backup systems so things ended up ok, but I spent some time getting a new computer and could not get my regular poetry work done. So, here are a few from last week, a little late.

I did these short poems from a list of phrases and snippets of conversation I have heard or seen. Or else those tidbits gave me the idea for these poems, if not the actual words.

Haiku 980

Always remember:
Other People plus Secrets
equals Hot Gossip


Haiku 982

her whispered retorts
like sugar in strong dark tea
have no great effect


Shadorma 394

lights Last night’s mistake
A greasy
pan. I cried
a lot back then. No more. Knives
in kitchens. Useful.


5 thoughts on “A few new:Haiku 980, Haiku 982, Shadorma 394

    • Yes, I have two systems of backup. It can be a pain to remember to make copies of all my work, but…this time, it REALLY paid off. I would have lost my whole life’s work.

    • Thank you. I don’t know why my mind turns to such things. I do read a lot of crime fiction. Luckily no situation has come up in my actual life to test my actions…

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