Little Vines 3/3/22

The Little Vines are back again. I was able to go to the library to write once again. I wonder how long I’ll keep saying that as if it were something to point out in particular? I guess until I get used to it as a normal thing!

She tied up her intuition
strangled it with red yarn knotted tight
shoved it beneath a park bench
and ran

Between the hiccuping sobs
you comb away that heartache
and braid your teenage daughter’s hair

The skirt offends no one.
It flatters no one.
Why is there a waiting list to buy it?

the cigarette blinks its signal
through the gap in the living room drapes
to a man not me lingering ouside in the dark

the wicked charm
of good dental hygeine
has yet to be given its due in matters of romance

The reactor emits an exceptionally kind molecule
Frisson! People cheer!
and it spreads around the globe.
The world is saved.

Dozens of what color
cupcakes? socks? hair nets? ink pens? corn flakes?
What? What?

One old lady and a near-accessible inheritance
She dangles it in front of her greedy family
as one by one she picks them off

pressed and preserved sunlight
blinded her
when she opened the ancient photo album

When a muscle
makes its body swear
That is one muscle not to mess with anymore

Them and their snobbery
I thought I’d be safe from it
If I snobbed them first

you know the doctor told you:
Sit down when that happens.
It means the pulp in your gut is effervescing.

I am a fountain of secrets told. Yes.
How I jet them high into the air.
How they land and splatter everywhere.

your bellow of a singing voice
your wide and unusual vocabulary
You, celebrating – I’m so glad you’re happy again.

Blast this capricious oven
It’s taunting me again
The cake has come out perfectly.

Something more than the standard girlfriend for me I said.
I’m a glorious male.
I deserve the best.

I finger the elegant tooth
the dentist made for me
contemplating my next move

she’s nothing but
a petty face
at three in the morning

you won’t stop asking about my little scheme:
I hope it’s in the kitchen, you said
I hope it’s a chocolate cake –
Well, it’s not.

the sight of a floating bumblebee
tugging along a balky gnat
on a spider silk leash

7 thoughts on “Little Vines 3/3/22

    • My problem is, I don’t want to go through the actual writing, he said, she said, descriptions, etc. I don’t think I have the talent for that. I guess I just want to suggest. If a mystery novel can be only three or four lines…I’m in!

    • Thank you. The Vines do reflect where my mind is going. Despite all the bad in the world, there is good, too, and spring is coming – I think these thoughts were what tipped the balance on this day, maybe.

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