Make a Right Turn on to the Highway and Go

From the collection And Don’t Come Back, 2021.

Make a Right Turn on to the Highway and Go

the orange drink in the glass bottle
the pink sleeveless turtleneck
the striped skirt
the blue convertible
the cream upholstery
the hot summer day and a pair of sunglasses.
Drive on. Drive on forever.


3 thoughts on “Make a Right Turn on to the Highway and Go

    • Thank you. I do think this is an international kind of outfit. To put it in context, I was envisioning this scene happening in the time and place I grew up – out in the country where fashion and convertibles and etc. were simply unknown, but we did have lots of lonesome highway (now it is all suburbia, but that is another story). The person, though, she is from another world I came to learn about when I left home (Sleeveless turtlenecks? My childhood would say, crazy! but I came to think of it as a sophisticated look (Italian, certainly). And of course my childhood hero Nancy Drew often drove a blue convertible, a classy car. I still have never driven a convertible and I hope someday I can do so. It’s not too late, is it! I have such a vivid story in my mind about this poem, you see it has many layers for me. And I think you felt them when you said what you did. Thank you.

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