Escape Into Another Reality

From the collection published in 2021, And Don’t Come Back.

Escape Into Another Reality

Wondering if I should buy tickets to this show.
The review says:

in this skewed version of a popular fairy tale
the lizard in the jacket pocket
never mentions chewing up the missing letter
leading to a comedy of errors ending in

Laundry problems.

Getting dinner late to the table.

I’ll think about it.
I do love that fairy tale, though.

I flick my tongue and snag an unwary fly
enjoying the snack as
stretched out along the top of the concrete wall
I read the rest of the paper.


8 thoughts on “Escape Into Another Reality

    • Now that idea, I just love. Because in fairy tales there are so many examples of transformations and so many involuntary. If that is so here, this guy seems at peace with it, though!

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