Little Vines 2/23/22

This week’s selection. Guess what, I was able to sit in the library and work on these. That is the first time in a long time I’ve done any writing away from home. I hope it continues. Thank you, Glenside Library!

One elevator after another passing you by
the underripe pear in your lunch bag
perfection by the time you arrive at your floor

You burned the sauce and
the pan knew it before you even started.
Not psychic. Just longtime work associates.

A pulse disregards the concern
on the nurse’s face
Takes off again at high speed. Whee!

the nutrition of everyday life.
Compliments: the icing on its cake.

Shape your group in this world
with a rigorous refined insistence
or as Granny said: choose your friends wisely

it’s quite understandable

You know that doctors say that.
You know that it means they don’t understand it.

Stupidity breaks all speed limits
when you get in its car
and let it drive

close to zero, this token is worth
but still, there is that little bit of doubt –
I’ll keep it a while longer

until tonight I thought
it’s not just an expression when he says that
but the moonlight swim convinced me otherwise

I ask you
not to reflutter your lips
and remutter your quips

the sensational sway of her teeth
a great big laugh and that punchy red
lipstick: Mmm Mmm! Kiss Kiss!

I recognized you immediately
she told me
and called me by your name

are you a resident of that city
with a lifestyle many would envy
except for the fumes?

you know I live right across the street
just a few steps further down the road to Perdition
Actually, Upper Perdition. How about you?

the four small paintings argue among themselves
such bad manners! and
right in front of the art critic, too

the best circle maker in the tire industry
now creating crochet patterns
for muscle car aficionados
and those who love black yarn

you need to call your doctor right away
unless you want to
star in your own ghost story

How amazing to think that the weather is
just a few inches away
right outside the window

the ongoing
bathtime tussle with the toddler

School principals
ruined the day all over town

the striving suburbanite
snoops in his neighbor’s bathroom cabinet
The other guests watch on the nanny cam
That sure broke up some friendships all right

I maintain my smile
buy several acres just outside of town
bury you right where I can park my car over you
make sure you stay in the ground.

he was a fearless man
with top-quality teeth
and exquisite dental hygeine

Not that I care if the neighbors know but
I’d rather keep it in the family.
Luckily it’s no bother to her –
we just attended her funeral.

18 thoughts on “Little Vines 2/23/22

  1. I laughed at #5632. It either suggests an overly long elevator ride or the way in which some fruits are particularly mercurial about their ripeness. That first poem and its subject also led me to spot lots of references to distance, speed and time threaded throughout this week’s collection of LVs.

    • Thank you. I envisioned those times when I’ve needed to go to an upper floor in a tall building and how it seems the trip will never end, and I always think how glad I am not to have to do that all the time.

    • Yes, I cannot describe it. I am usually mostly at home and happy, but these days, I am not as satisfied with this routine any more. I did so miss being in the library and writing or just poking around. They have brought out all the seating again in the various ones I go to (it had been stored away during pandemic times) and it is so good to be able to stay in the building, along with other people who are reading or enjoying books. I find I focus better in such an environment, where the walls seem to exude words.

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