Not Sure Yet if I Have Regrets or Not

From And Don’t Come Back, published in 2021.

Not Sure Yet if I Have Regrets or Not

College library coffee shop
guy at the counter says:
dropped out of school had some bills
couldn’t get into the studying

Worked here last two years
Make a lot of lattes for my classmates.


3 thoughts on “Not Sure Yet if I Have Regrets or Not

  1. There are definitely different paths we can take through life. That is something I always reinforce for my own kids as they ponder potential futures. The important thing, however, is to maintain a sense of moving along that path and not stagnating in one spot you happen to have settled in. Choosing a path should be active rather than passive.

    • I wrote this right before the pandemic closed down the community college library where I used to go to write, and they had a coffee shop, where one day I caught part of a conversation between the barista and another guy on this subject. I took the few bits I heard and filled in the gaps that I was prompted to think about from hearing them.

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