Not Another One of Those

From the collection And Don’t Come Back, 2021.

Not Another One of Those

The raucous party guests shocked sober
That’s quite a stunner of a shiner
the burly guy just distributed
here in apartment 17. Saturday night
and what a way to thank the host
yes I’m joking I don’t think Larry
even knew the guy It was a big party
people spilling out in the hall
thank goodness the more the better
to break things up before it got
you know
but now it’s time to go.
No hard feelings right?
Who’ll care tomorrow?
Say your hasty goodbyes
and get out
before the neighbors call the police. Again.
And Larry he ought to put a steak on that eye
All right then See you next weekend
Wait Hey Don’t you think
we ought to take note of that burly guy
what he looks like Though I’m sure
he’ll be getting that front tooth fixed ASAP
and yeah who knew
a scrawny dude like Larry
could land a kick like that?
It was something else
Anyway the burly guy we
can’t let him in again. Ever.
No matter how much beer he shows up with.
I still don’t even know his name.


4 thoughts on “Not Another One of Those

  1. I grew up next door to this cast of characters. Every weekend was noisy, resulted in at least one big fight, and often involved a police presence. Those neighbours were the main reason I always aspired to own a detached house.

    • Yes. This kind of set-up is why I shy away from the townhouse or apartment living after so many years in a single house. Although this kind of group is full of interest for me as long as I don’t have to live with them! A lot going on all right!

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