Shadorma 274, Haiku 815, 816

From the collection The Immediate and No Sooner, 2021.

Shadorma 274

three people
on a winter day
knit in white
go nowhere
but not fast enough for you
and your tight schedule

Haiku 815

hidden in the weeds
semi-retired garden gnome
long past ambition

Haiku 816

when you ask me why
I baked you this surprise cake
the answer is love

12 thoughts on “Shadorma 274, Haiku 815, 816

    • I believe it can be so in intention, but some people (my mother), it’s just not the language they speak or even want to – she often said, what’s the point, you just eat it up and it’s gone! Her sewing was more how she could express herself – she said, a well-made outfit will last you forever.

      • That’s interesting about your mother. I don’t bake at all myself, but the people I know who are always baking do it for love. But she was right about sewing.

  1. Baking is definitely an act of love and always tastes better when it is connected to those positive, nurturing emotions – or maybe that is just my experience of baking. I love the central poem and the idea of the gnome slipping into retirement by just gradually withdrawing from public view.

    • Thank you. Those little gnomes, I have always loved garden ornaments but gnomes seem to have the most defined “culture” or personality to uphold. I was prompted to write this by the sight of a gnome kind of hiding under a bush (or so it looked to me).

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