Little Vines 2/11/22

This week’s assortment.

Seated too close together at the small table
the two women run out of conversation
Lemon slices float silently in their water glasses

Of course you’ll vote yes on the ballot question:
Should whatever advice you want to give
be gratefully accepted by your grown-up children?

we will meet and part again and again
sometimes with decades passing between –
the baby and the old man

beautiful and vain young people
running out of time
admire themselves in plate glass store windows
while they still can

I gave up hope, green sock – I said so in my diary
Then you returned in this week’s laundry!
I know better than to ask any questions.

in the slowly rattling darkness
one polished tooth gleams in the sudden light
of an incoming text

the abundant flies hover at the surf line
a lull and then
the bloated mermaid screams

As I read the word
the prefix bounces in a perfect somersault
over all the other syllables and gone!
I guess nobody stays in a job very long these days.

An imperfect rainbow is still beautiful.
my obeying the rules
is wrong.

I inherit the house under the murky conditions of your demise
As the choir howls a modest elegy
I wonder: so who did call that lawyer?

a binary atmosphere in this room
she breathes out her Yes
As he breathes in his No

This fancy universe befuddles me
The headache crawls past my hairdo
enters my cranium
begins to fester.

I hurry but a broken elevator
a demanding automobile
I gave up hope of catching you but
the train took pity on me and pulled in late

into the thorn bush of her hair I venture
I hope nothing bites me as I trim.
Scissors up! I prepare to defend myself.

the conscientious hardworking teapot
leaned against the sugar bowl

The women recollect
The clock ruminates
I suppress another yawn

as much as I have enjoyed visiting with the stock market
the profit reminds me
it’s time to exit

The missile
on its spontaneous tangent
burns a wide smile across the empty blue sky

The pie was lagging in its developmental goals
However, the oven intervened:
Success! And just in time for dinner.

Dr. Frrowlt speaks but
his winded verbs
aren’t up to the task of breaking the bad news

They avoid each other’s eyes
Their hairdos tremble
The last mint in the candy bowl
Who will break first and grab it?

the rip in the ballgown
the provisional repair
a glint of staples a gleam of tape
a style is born

this pair of leggings
years of joint pain
her painted smile and fixed gaze do not waver
but the mannequin’s eyes fill with tears

a tourist climbs the rainbow
a piano in orbit gives him a ride –
this postcard home overflows with news

10 thoughts on “Little Vines 2/11/22

  1. It may just be the head space I am in right now but a lot of these LVs struck me as being poignant and especially emotive. I was especially taken with the sad beauty of #5589. As a tea drinker, I also loved #5601.

    • Sometimes I just like to let my imagination go and see where it takes me. Recently I have been wishing I had a piano (a real one, not a keyboard). I don’t know why since I don’t want to take lessons again or whatever, but somehow, I’d just like to have one, I think it is all about good memories from childhood.

      • I gave the family piano to my younger daughter, who actually plays a lot. But I do miss just sitting and doing my easy songs and listening to the notes every once in awhile.

    • There is certainly that question – where have you been? and like you don’t ask your grown child some things, well, I think the socks are in the same category of entities that have scret lives, all right!

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