At My Cousin’s Wedding

From the collection published in 2021, The Immediate and No Sooner.

At My Cousin’s Wedding

We sit down at our tables, some confused
by the forks and others by too much booze.
Shrimp a la pallid rubber cocktail snooze
in glass bowls. Sharp-eyed newlyweds peruse
cash gift totals. Please may I be excused?


5 thoughts on “At My Cousin’s Wedding

  1. I was always taught that the gifts were opened in the privacy of the home – after the wedding and NOT at the reception! Sounds like an unpleasant situation… I’d want to leave too!

    • You know, I’ve been to quite a few weddings now over the years of my life, and one thing I have learned, it seems that you never know what you’re going to encounter at these kinds of things, you have to roll with the situation. I include funerals and retirement parties and baby showers, too. Wow, what a lot of fodder there is for the observer at these events, isn’t there?

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