Haiku 807, 808, 809

From the book The Immediate and No Sooner, 2021.

Haiku 807

we have work to do
right ourselves send out shoots
become what we are

Haiku 808

it’s not the pencil
but the hand and the flower
who draw the picture

Haiku 809

tell me earlier
than you tell the rain and I –
I will meet you there.

5 thoughts on “Haiku 807, 808, 809

  1. Brilliant trio. You step out of yourself and see and show how it is to be the other. Plant, pencil, rain. I love the idea that the hand and the flower draw the pencil and hold it just so.

    • Thank you. I think since I feel pretty much everything has a soul of its own type, then I can imagine myself being that thing (maybe I don’t get it right, but I try to observe and I think everything does give off hints if we look!). And I do think that every time I do art there is always a cooperation among all the parts that have to go together to make something happen.

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