Tea Set-To

From the book And Don’t Come Back, published in 2021.

Tea Set-To

Scrupulous, are you
or do you favor the more ambiguous side of things
You being a patterned saucer
unhappily married
and so
what outcome will you be?

Straightforward out in the open
divorce from the teacup
whose off-register glaze is not quite matching yours
The on-the-sly rattle or two
the accidental slide that ends in a fall to the floor
and in your subsequent evidence
your explanations
as embellished as you are

What will you do?
What do you say?


4 thoughts on “Tea Set-To

    • Oh yes. So many relationships in life, even our possessions, and they don’t get along. Sometimes I wonder if that is the default setting on this planet, things ajar or askew or not fitting together, and oh the friction!

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