6 thoughts on “It Said

  1. This poem is wonderfully unsettling. I very much like your idea of turning those disruptive thoughts of disquieting things from the past into a creepy being of some kind. We all do much better when we ignore and silence such critters.

    • I LOVE this idea. I hadn’t thought of the poem in this context but it is exactly what a good audiobook ( that is what we say here, though I remember when they first came out they called them talking books, I prove myself ancient once again) does to me. I love being read to; it draws me in in a way movies or TV or music don’t.

        • I first used audio books after eye surgery 8 years ago. But in normal life I listen while I’m doing something such as cooking, artwork, ironing etc., generally. Although there are some books s (and readers) that totally capture my attention and I only listen doing nothing else. This is strange to me because usually I’m poor at taking in information this way and my mind wanders. Maybe I’m going back to childhood and being read to which I always loved.

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