Little Vines 1/23/22

An early start to this week! Here are the most recent Little Vines.

the ferryboat
dim in the mist
a rat leaps from the stern

I sleep.
I dream of hot floods in a heavy atmosphere
I awake in a sweat.

Two giant asteroids
Four or five days out
They are coming to attend the birth of the moon.

A complex of charlatans
Sour and dark –
Customer Satisfaction Account Tracking Department.
Third Floor.

Marriage is a grim beast at times –
Anything but funny.
I cut off its tail and pin it on the donkey.

I sometimes don’t make mistakes.
It’s just consistency.
And sometimes it’s not my fault.

How Mumps Can Improve Human Hair the cover reads
You buy the magazine
lamenting the fact you were vaccinated forty years ago

The termite said to the site selection tasting committee:
The bouquet of the wood is beautiful.
I love the traces of high-quality ash.

Truggett Dude aka our cousin Dodd, and his
Dedicated to the Shiga Man Band
and a shout out to Aunt Kay
in the front row singing along karaoke

The Surface of the Dark Earth.
Before the stomach warms up.
Good glass.

Another funeral on another winter day.
There is always snow. It is snowing.
The widow pops her black chewing gum.

the lemons somersault on the plate
I envy their giddy colors
their foolish joyful hearts

Funeral day is hot.
Melt the sun.
Swelter crows in black.

bleary bloated Tuesday finally slinks out
just ahead of sassy skinny Thursday –
Thursday? Are you telling me
Wednesday’s AWOL again?

Squeamish? Or are you afraid?
Don’t worry about it.
They are still very delicious.

2 thoughts on “Little Vines 1/23/22

  1. The thematic thread I see connecting several of these LVs is the idea of someone – or something – about to embark on a task and how they feel about that. The asteroids seem determined to attend the birth of the moon, the person contemplating marriage seems resolute, the termite seems tantalized, the widow is stoic.

    • I like this interpretation of the group. It may be a reflection of my own mood, I am trying to get back to more normal rhythms now and laying out the tasks and activities I want or need to do.

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