Little Vines 1/18/22

This week’s assortment!

what you see here
If I ask about it later
say no

A broken wrist waits
on your icy front steps
to greet you

This dark highway and I
together for so many hard miles
it divorces me at Exit 330

Geometry is put into practice.
An ingredient results.
The cook cubes the potato for stew.

because it is too short
don’t pass up the chance for even a petty joy

suddenly in the corridor
you knew there’d been a murder
suddenly in the apartment
you remembered you’d done it

A local guy
pecking at a pear
while he waits for his workmates

it’s her suede shoe all right
stained and wet and yet oddly devilish –
where is the other one?

the wedding march plays
the bridegroom buries the thought
of burying the bride though he is
not quite sure an exhumation won’t take place

Emotionless on your birthday
the dishwasher
cleans the dishes exactly as it always does

The choir hisses out a dirge
it’s not enough to squelch the enthusiasm of the shadows
come to accompany Uncle to the afterlife

the flap the flip the flop of another day
the orange giggles the lemon brightens
the green pears howl at being awakened
Not everyone is a morning person.

The mailbox slams its lid shut:
an exasperated lady who
says NO and purses her lips

spend the holiday
eating peas and braying
or is it keeping the peace and praying?

she plays and the melody roams
the new piano can’t help but
want to show off a little

A series of recurring crows
The bare tree askew in a stale snowdrift
lonely no more

The modest dishrag and a pile of dishes
Hot water from the squeaky faucet
A luxurious squeeze of dish soap
Sounds crazy but I feel more cheerful already

The lemon cake twirls on the plate
happy under a snowfall of
powdered sugar

in a perfect world
the deliveryman spins the handcart
the new refrigerator leaps into place

the robot who types our queries so slowly
the sound of chanting in the shrine so holy
the oracle who answers us so drolly
the sacred cat who sneers at us so wholly

the lamp dreaming on the window-side table
the moon barely awake in the clear sky
the late-night traveler
thanks them both for the path home

8 thoughts on “Little Vines 1/18/22

  1. Oh my goodness – I love this one: This dark highway and I
    together for so many hard miles
    it divorces me at Exit 330

    This makes me think of how on long drives I entertain myself with the idea of “car buddies” where I have imaginary friendships with other cars and see how long we stay together on the drive (oops did I just confirm for you that I am insane…lol).
    If you like you can read about this craziness on an old post of mine –

    • I don’t think it is crazy because I do the same thing. I don’t go on long drives much now or do them by myself but when I was younger I made many highway trips and I did exactly the same thing, you do get in with a groupd of cars and you start to make friends…and when they leave, well, I know just what you mean!

    • Thank you. In that week of 1/18 there was much disruption, in good ways, but still, the potential for a fall is always there and must be guarded against – or else put salt down and melt that darn ice away!

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