A few new: Tanka 287; Haiku 959, 960, 961

On Saturday, January 15, I read the poems of a couple of my blog friends – they posted “magnetic poetry”, something they do every week. I don’t try often myself but this week the idea hit me and I dove in.

If you want to know what magnetic poetry is, look here.

And to read the poems of my blog friends,

here is Ken’s

here is Merril’s

I didn’t do quite the same thing as they did in using the allocated vocabulary – instead, I came up with fragments of lines and parts of ideas. Here are my “worksheets”:

Later I took the words, added, subtracted, and came up with the following poems. Take a look and see what you think.


Tanka 287.
the old owl flew home
under a winter night sky
that’s just fixing to
snow like nobody’s business
go home now go home get home

Haiku 959.
see if you can still
smell that drunk lazy summer
in my rusty sweat

Haiku 960.
scream in a red dress:
my woman blood boils over
scalds you head to toe

Haiku 961.
a mild heart incensed:
rage-delirious boiled milk
in a sealed tin can

6 thoughts on “A few new: Tanka 287; Haiku 959, 960, 961

    • I was not sure, I’ve seen them work in different ways, thank you for clarifying. I think the process reminds me of doing Snippets, but in them I try to stay with the exact phrases or words. Here I find the magnets kind of jog my mind in a direction. I like that, it was fun to do these.

  1. Thank you for the shout out. Ken, is correct. I use the Oracle for inspiration–I may use some words or synonyms, but then I fill in from there.
    We just watched a new version of Macbeth, and your second one makes me think of Lady Macbeth.

    • I’m glad you told me this, I did not know it. Now I have a better understanding of why you call it the Oracle! I am intrigued by the Lady Macbeth idea. I will be thinking about this.

      • I think Jane started calling it the Oracle first?
        Yes, the tiles don’t really change, so we have an understanding.
        Oh, I hope you go with the Lady Macbeth idea!

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