A few new: What Happened; In Our Living Room

A couple of poems from this week. Some days I feel despair and other days I focus on my own world and try to make things right with it. That is what I am writing about this week, I guess.

What Happened

in the deep
red we skirt the blue
planet we’ve
just been told
things are too crazy there man
don’t stop not even

for lunch. So
we gas the beater
speed through pink
dust it’s not
radioactive is it
yes it is too bad

Mark this place
off our list and head
to the next
planet. What
a shame we’ve heard Earth was once
an outright showplace

shadorma chain


In Our Living Room

I remove the dust
from the end table
I use the lemon polish
and the soft pink rag

Like the cat
who delights in the
biting twisting pulling
and there he examines
his claws-extended paw

I lose myself
in the task


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