From the book published in 2021, And Don’t Look Back.


Knock at the door
ma’am we need to reinforce
the telephone pole in your back yard

well of course
knock yourself out
Two men lug a cable
unwind it from their truck

What’s this, a shot of vigor for more of the
Hi Lou What are you doing and
Jerry I thought you said ten o’clock Where are you and
Leslie, it’s me don’t touch the fuse box until I get home

I thought they meant
prop up the pole
not top up the wiring
anyway I forgot all about it
next thing I knew
the truck was gone and the

Reinforced silent wooden pole
looking back at me
keeping its secrets.
All of them.


2 thoughts on “Fine-tuning

  1. My neighbourhood is undergoing an apparent upgrade in our water pipes. The disruption is very challenging to deal with and is anticipated to last into March, having already been going on for a month. I am, therefore, envious of the swift pace of the work depicted in your poem.

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