Little Vines 1/7/22

This week’s Little Vines.

the loud fools swaggering
a plump angel rushing in

often these days it seem the truth is a tent
pitched in a dark lowland
under a flooding rain

he’s the stupidest
I’m jumping off the roof
so wish me luck
kind of guy I’ve ever met

in the closet a pair of shoes
to go with the dress
and her crazy viper smile

I count the days
since I have lied to anyone
Or I will, if I can ever get to One

With this knife in my back
how can I summon up even an adequate glow
at the news of your promotion?

The crackling noise of angry words
burns behind the
blank face

a pearl grimaces in fear
light floods in
the oyster is pried open

my sincere congratulations to those of your teeth
who survived your loveless encounter
with that spicy hard-coated gruel sprout cake
said the dentist

Whenever I hear the halting scrape
of a worn-down broom
I think of how hard it is to let go

the metallic bird
spins in a messy dance
shedding barbed feathers

the quibbles that ran underneath
the seeming easy back and forth of those days –
a thin destructive current
deep below the surface of a lake

the suspense builds and
across the lens of my camera
floats a billowing white figure –
Oh, I so hate doing wedding photography

We take that last time too fast too hard
Everything goes tumbling over and over and
that quarrel flips the crushed friendship for good

Now, position yourself in the prepared pan
I told the cake batter.
I’m still waiting.

the five minutes of that one day
I spent slicing the cake –
best investment I ever made.
No, I won’t tell you details.

The legs dance the face smiles
but the index finger
points you toward the exit

How this red lipstick
does emphasize
a sneer!

the overtones of
in the sneeze I hear in July

these spontaneously arising
a flock of crumpled origami birds taking flight

The hothouse roses and orchids
filled your head with those ideas but me?
The petunias always kept me honest

The blank stare of yet another
novelty-free day –
it broke me

the ripening moon shrieks
the hearts wobble
the released breaths fly upward

barefoot prints with
four toes in front and
two in back and I
fell in love the minute I saw them

I love your blood frosty and your nose twisty
and your face scowly and green!

and the mama ghoul hugged the baby ghoul
until he howled himself to sleep.

11 thoughts on “Little Vines 1/7/22

  1. This was a really great batch! Agree about 5491, 5495 is poignant, 5501 about the cake made me laugh, and I loved the imagery of 5505–but really I liked them all.

  2. Another terrific collection. There is a thread of harsh sounds and negative emotions throughout this batch so I love that you closed on a touching poem of parental love and care. I really liked the metaphor of #5487 and the dark humour of #5491.

  3. Ahh, so many good ones. *Howls along the last one.*

    The novelty-free days are messing with me too. How good that we have each other’s blogs as windows into other worlds.

    • Thank you. Yes, I have thought the same thing, the novelty free days are sometimes soothing to me (especially right now since they are mixed in with days of terror with all this going to the doctor appointments for my eyesight) but in normal life, well, we need some little spikes of out of the ordinary. As you say, thank goodness for our blog friends.

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