Haiku 786, 787, 788

From the book published in 2021, The Immediate and No Sooner.

False sun ceiling lights
Fluorescent blue pool ripples
Swimmers lurch through laps

he’s in for five years
prison cook said to a friend
he likes my chili

the following thread
the needle who knows nothing
the balky fabric

4 thoughts on “Haiku 786, 787, 788

  1. That first poem is so evocative. I could instantly visualize the scene and feel the water. I have also created a story in my head that the convict in the second poem keeps getting incarcerated because he so adores the chili made by the prison cook.

    • I did so much swimming in my earlier years that I feel the smell of chlorine is comforting and I love a good pool blue color! I got the idea for the cook one in that the front desk guy at the Y when I was going there, his regular job actually was prison cook. I was thinking about that when I came up with this imagined scene, and I thought the same thing, the guy loves the chili and stays in ; or else, the other way, it’s one of those non-related set of observations that actually tell a story, but what???

    • Yes, me too. I never have ever felt that hand sewing (as I envision this poem to describe) really liked the way I handled it and all the components fought me.

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