A few new: Obliterated; Fated

We start a new year, but I have poems that are left from 2021 and did not get finished. Well, so what? It all works out eventually. Here are a couple to read now.

It’s going to snow here tonight at my house.


Suddenly I knew them The three sets of
footprints The mark of travelers setting
out on a journey all too
familiar to me I wanted to
warn them but it was
too late They had gone
on ahead. Already the falling
snow filling in their confident
steps my eyes my tears in
the blowing cold Blur the
writing by which I read
The future fades.



I envision this bit of information being imparted in a brightly lighted ballroom.


I recall
The thunderstruck partygoers
A vivid green dress
A Would you like some sugar?
Considering her age and history
it was a simple and clean operation.
even I am pleased.


12 thoughts on “A few new: Obliterated; Fated

    • Wow, that is really interesting. I am glad there is a good outcome. I’ve never dreamed something like this. My dreams seem to be more that I have lost something (like my purse, say) and I am searching for it. Although a very recent dream concerned the idea that I was going to my sister’s wedding in Australia (we have never been there) and suddenly I realized the dress I wanted to wear was peeling away in layers. I tried a department store (wandering for a while) and then went to a fabric store, bought a length of loud flowery cotton, warpped it around myself and fastend it with staples. It worked out fine. Truly this is my dreamworld. A bit warmer than snow at least!

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