Shadorma 270, 271, 272

From the collection The Immediate and No Sooner, published in 2021.

Shadorma 270

Ice blue day
Clouds in white towers
loom above
low buildings
The wind a hammer the air
in shards. My hands ache.

Shadorma 271

Petty me
I make sure to take
the seat at
the table
I know you want just because
it so annoys you

Shadorma 272

Shape the clay
circles and spirals
like seashells
or ears. Smooth
their curves with your fingers. Hear
the voice of the clay.

4 thoughts on “Shadorma 270, 271, 272

    • Thank you. Because you know, the older I get, the more I think the paint or crayons or pen are leading me, I’m just going along with what they want to do! I say that somewhat facetiously but…I do really think it, too.

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