In the Near-Term Future

From the collection published in 2021, And Don’t Come Back.

In the Near-Term Future

She does not see it
a split in the paper bag
starting itself up near the bottom
paper too thin or bag overfilled
I don’t know which but
the handles look good and secure
that’s something I guess
but not something that will be of help
when whoops all at once the bag gives up
green peppers tumble out
one after another in a nice straight line
plopping into the salty slush of the parking lot
five minutes from now


4 thoughts on “In the Near-Term Future

    • In real life, I wrote this because I saw it happen, and I thought of what led up to it (interjecting my own experience with split bags at the bottom but the handles still work). I think if she had been told, she might have still tried to hurry and make it to the car. It seems to me people goe this route more often than the opposite, such as me on the other hand, I go back into the store for another bag.

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