Shadorma 267, 268, 269

Shadorma 267

The old man
sweeps the foam barbell
Chlorine rich
blue water
trailing it in fat bubbles
encircling his waist

Shadorma 268

backlit and
I watch my shadow
before me
My two legs
They rise and fall like pistons
Old but game machine

Shadorma 269

The song that
says I need love not
money. Hmmm…
Armfuls of
high denomination bills?
Love enough for me.

2 thoughts on “Shadorma 267, 268, 269

  1. I am really taken by that idea in the second poem of paying attention to the actions of our shadows. I feel like that would help us focus on what our bodies can accomplish rather than what they look like or how they have aged. That poem feels like a positive affirmation.

    • I’ve always really liked shadows and I think my own shadow has fascinated me since I was little. I especially like it when I have long stork like legs!

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