Tanka 234, 235, 236

From the collection The Immediate and No Sooner, published in 2021.

Tanka 234

always in trouble
I think he needs a dentist
two teeth knocked out clean
it was the bicycle’s fault
says he. He is jinxed, I say

Tanka 235

the combatants wait.
Admit nothing. Say nothing.
in the principal’s office.
Playground fistfight. Two black eyes.

Tanka 236

What my name is not –
I never meant to mislead –
Love and acceptance
generously extended
saved me. Gave me a new name.

2 thoughts on “Tanka 234, 235, 236

  1. The first poem makes me think of my own kids. There was a point in time when every single one of them had a broken tooth – an adult tooth in the case of our oldest – at the same time. The dentist could not believe that a 4 month old baby needed emergency dental treatment. He had gnawed on table leg and chipped a front tooth. And my now 14 year old used to crack his head open so regularly that I wondered if the local hospital would issue me with a loyalty card.

    • My son had a broken baby tooth. It turned that gray color. Until it finally abcessed and it was pulled. OMG. And remember, I am the person who had her two front teeth knocked out in 3rd grade – my brand new permanent teeth…

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