Little Vines 12/29/21

Here is this week’s selection! Happy New Year to everyone.

Cotton flannel pajamas
promise a safe trip through the cosmos
and back home again. The baby sleeps.

a sulking thunderstorm rising in the foothills –
the mood of the 6th grade gym class
lined up for another session of square dancing

like peeling potatoes with a butter knife
I sawed away at your story
but never got beneath its skin

the faint notations on the paper
the magnifying glass
This is the day I begin to feel my age

the starry night pouring out –
a deep-blue sugar bowl
turned upside down

a light in the house
that shouldn’t be
at the end of the street

You remember my cousin? With the salt and pepper hair?
She’s moved into such a nice condiment
I heard the woman at the next table tell her friend.

these thirteen pounds
brought to me and taken away from me
again and again diet after diet

The eel-creatures eat the train conductor
in the next scene. Notice
the twist of lemon in his hair. I told you
it was a classy film, didn’t I?

The balcony.
The contemplation of
The push. The fall. The splash. The money.

The old pan so long in use
utters a groan. Burns through.
I never thought it would be so painful.

Stumbling around the dimly lit hotel room
Eldridge realized he’d rappelled on to the wrong balcony
Now what? (Cue the bassoon music).

Now, the Model Six Months Old baby boasts
sufficient lung power and energy storage
to scream eight hours straight, more if at night

the Exacto knife
lazily swiped at the cardboard
but proved to be more interested in your finger

moldering in the grave
holding a spare key in its teeth
the garden gnome that disappeared one night

seven miles out of town
the abandoned house
awaits its last transaction

riding deep into the city
the slick snowstorm tumbles harsh and strong
flinging misfortune at the cars on the road

As the car goes over the cliff
all the afterlives possible
soften and dissolve into just one

oh you impulsive jug of milk
slopping yourself all over the floor
just to see if I’ll cry. The answer is No.
But the mop? She’s furious.

what are we,
giggling in the snow?

8 thoughts on “Little Vines 12/29/21

  1. You had me laughing, smiling, and awestruck this tree. #70 wins this week for me with #73 a close 2nd. The others all very honorable mentions ❤

    • About 20 years ago I ran a sewing rotary cutter over my finger. Removing some of it to put it nicely. I had to go to the hospital in an ambulance. Ugh. Ever since I’ve feared sharp knife things. I was using the exacto knife recently and I knew it was eyeing me hungrily.

  2. I think this is overall one of your best clutches of LVs yet. Every single one of them was just brilliant. There is so much wit, linguistic dexterity, precision of imagery, evocative and thought-provoking ideas contained in each short burst. Each one is like consuming a delicious morsel of flavour-packed food.

    • Thank you. You’ve made my day. I have been so distracted by multiple doctor appointments and other daily life issues that I have had trouble finding time or focus to write anything, and I was especially doubtful about this group, I just tried to get something on paper. I am so happy you said this. Thank you.

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