Like the Wind Blowing

from And Don’t Come Back, published in 2021.

Like the Wind Blowing

holding two pies boxed up and stacked
a banana balanced on top
carries them in one hand
leaves the store in a hurry.
Glass door slides open
almost not quick enough for him
he shoots through it on a diagonal
scooting across the parking lot when
the wind blows off his hat
he makes a grab for it but
it goes. The pies and banana wobble.
I see him hesitate
take a step to pursue
He grasps the food with both hands.


3 thoughts on “Like the Wind Blowing

    • Thank you. I choose to believe he ate the banana in the car to tide him over to get himself to the party and then the pies are greeted with cheers because, well, pies are! And the hat is forgotten forever. In fact, he opens his Pollyanna gift and there is a new one, how about that? Or dear, I am getting really too into this story.

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