Tanka 240, 241, 242

From the collection The Immediate and No Sooner, published in 2021.

Tanka 240
Too upset to drive.
Forgot she even knew how.
A drama hardened. She sat
in the back seat and she cried.

Tanka 241
the neighbors laughing
the broom scraping on concrete
the screen door slamming
the rusty melody of
bringing in the garbage cans

Tanka 242
The billfold offers
temptation I don’t resist.
Kidnap dollar bills.
Leave it mortified empty.
It should have kept its mouth shut.

2 thoughts on “Tanka 240, 241, 242

  1. The personification in that final poem is excellent. I also enjoy the insistence of passivity of the narrator and the aggressive victim blaming. The middle poem is a great capture of those everyday neighbourhood sounds and the first poem is achingly sad.

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