Little Vines 12/25/21

Here are this week’s Little Vines. I have had a very busy week and only today had some time to write. I don’t do holidays, but I have plenty of good wishes to offer for everyone at this time of year when winter is here and we are looking forward to new beginnings!

the wasp flies gaily
the afterlife beckoning
but she evades the swatter with ease and
on she goes.

Not so much a robust good riddance
as a very lukewarm au revoir.
You just could not be bothered.

pointing a spray bottle of aqua-blue cleanser
at a scratching sound coming from the ceiling
shhh someone is coming Dad whispered

a leak and its source holding a press conference
aka our rusted-out water heater
spreading the bad news all over the basement

How could you just
cube tie and frail gate our whole family?
How could you do that to us?

you think you can tell me something about winter driving
that the flying snow
hasn’t already made clear to me

The secret is to add no milk
Only cheese and honey and butter
Never twice. Boil it. Then serve it
with a bottle of champagne. Happy New Year!

2 thoughts on “Little Vines 12/25/21

    • Thank you. I had a lot of semi finished ones and thank goodness for that because I’ve been so scattered and I wonder myself why they all ended up this way, but…I do enjoy the way they went this direction.

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