A few new: Holiday Treat

I had a busy week that took a lot of energy but I wanted to stay with my plan of one day a week with some poetry writing in it (more would be good, but one is enough to keep me going). I found some time to write today.

I don’t do holidays these days, but I have many memories of winter holiday meals and this poem comes from that source. To everyone, I hope for a peaceful future and days of hope.

Holiday Treat

This dessert it’s quite a lot
Even bigger than our largest plate
My goodness how does a person even know what to do
with such an enormous delectable comestible
whose mouth-watering aroma has led you to the table
from outside the house across a busy street
and at a flat-out run?


5 thoughts on “A few new: Holiday Treat

  1. Your poem is a much more beautiful and delicate way of describing the idiom “their eyes were much bigger than their bellies”. This is an apt poem to publish today when so many of us will be over-indulging and piling plates high.

    • Thank you. I was remembering my grandmother’s cooking today. That’s how she expressed love and so the holiday food especially brings her back to me. Her desserts were famous in our family. Nothing fancy, just so good.

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