From the collection published in 2021, And Don’t Come Back.


Arrange the cheese by
price by color by country
by hard by soft by the color
of the wax rind. By the animal
whose milk made it. By the taste
of it in a grilled cheese sandwich.
By how well it goes with spinach in a quiche.
By the first initial of its name. By the sashay of it
in a stacked pyramid in the front of the case.


2 thoughts on “Arrange

  1. You had me at cheese! Despite being lactose intolerant, I still cannot resist cheese. I just work out when I can best manage the discomfort so I can have a nibble. I think the only cheese I dislike is camembert – and cottage cheese which doesn’t really count as cheese.

    • I never used to like cottage cheese (the essential element of the ladies’ diet plate at many restaurants when I was growing up and I could never see how my mother ate it) but now…I do like it. Who knew.

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